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Sarunas Matulevicius

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CUBE3 v1.3 Release: Self-Service Blocking on Testnet + Monitor Upgrade

We’ve been quietly releasing improvements and upgrades to the CUBE3.AI product behind the scenes since launch, but today it’s time to bring you in on the progress. CUBE3 1.3 product release includes Monitor upgrades, UX improvements and most important, the final steps toward giving you the tools to test our threat blocking RASP product (Runtime Application Self-Protection) – no coding required.

Let’s dive in and explore both the internal and external upgrades that protect your contracts, business and community…

CUBE3 Product Release 1.3 Summary

1.3 is a major release that contains two major upgrades of our products – RASP 1.0 and Monitor 2.1 and a bunch of other new features, enhancements and bug fixes.

For those that have been wanting to test our blocking product (RASP) – 1.3 is a huge step in that direction. In November, RASP will be available as a self-serve integration product. We are limiting the RASP self-service integration to Sepolia testnet for now, but the benefits are still immense. Of course, to protect yourself from the web3 security gap, your company can still go through the RASP onboarding flow with the CUBE3 team today. However, with the latest release we’re making it possible for anyone to test RASP – no code nor human resources required.

What blockchain wizardry is this?

Read on to discover the next steps…

CUBE3 RASP Threat Blocking on Testnet

For those preparing to test CUBE3 RASP, let’s take a look at what you can expect and the benefits you will enjoy with the self-service RASP onboarding.

  • RASP self-service setup (soft launch)
    • Ability for users to set up RASP protection on Ethereum Sepolia testnet
    • Normally, you would need either a team of engineers or take the time to integrate the CUBE3 code snippet to test the product. With the release of self-service RASP Testnet tools, anyone can deploy a CUBE3 protected contract.

The benefits of this can’t be understated, as it increases ease of understanding, transparency of what is happening on-chain, and eliminates another intermediary – us! We want to get out of your way, so you can do what you do best, build, ship and grow the web3 ecosystem.

What are the Benefits of RASP Threat Blocking Product on Testnet?

  • RASP Testnet ease of use
    • Easily deploy a test contract on-chain in a few clicks
  • RASP Testnet transparency
    • View the test contract on-chain to understand how it operates
  • RASP Testnet transaction blocking
    • Receive simulated malicious transactions directed at your test contract and how CUBE3 declines/blocks them

On top of that, previously showcased RASP Demo flow is included in this release as well. This will have a huge impact for our users trying to understand RASP. Of course, you can always book a demo directly with our team at to get the white glove treatment. However, if you prefer to get ready to test RASP yourself, we will be sharing detailed documentation on the specifics. In preparation for 13.1 here’s all you need:

What do you need to test CUBE3 blocking?

  1. CUBE3 account (sign in/up here)
  2. MetaMask account
  3. Ethereum >> Sepolia Network tokens
  • Don’t have Sepolia network tokens? We recommend the Quicknode faucet here. Be aware the drip can take up to 12 hours to hit your address, so get some before testing.

Yep, that’s it!

Monitor Product Improvements

If you have already been using the product, you know how valuable the Inspector and Monitor tool can be. Monitor 2.1 version has improved scoring logic. What does that mean? First, we’ve increased our ML capabilities. Second, we’ve increased the speed in which Monitor 2.1 ascertains threat results for addresses directly interacting with your monitored addresses. Third, we’re continually reducing false positive rates. These are all critical iterative steps we have taken and will continue to improve in order to improve the product.

UX Product Improvement Upgrades

Time is a critical element to contract security, and sometimes UX can make the difference if you want to easily set up and immediately be informed of a risk. We’ve enabled email alerts when adding an address to the Monitor, so you don’t miss a step in the process. We’ve also provided more tool tips in the dashboard to better educate and support new users. Finally, if you want a deeper understanding of the products, we incorporated the ability to book a demo directly from the Panorama dashboard. 🤯

  • Enable email alerts directly from the Monitor modal
    • This should significantly increase the number with alerts integrated, as enabling these will require a single click from a user and the option will also be presented in a context of setting up the monitor.
  • User education from the Inspector tool
    • This can help give users a clear understanding how they can inspect any wallet, smart contract or token (for free).
  • User can now book a demo call with a few clicks directly in the product

Apart from heavy investments into our core product, a lot of effort was spent into improving the product UX and alerting capabilities, with the main goal of improving user activation and engagement / adoption. We also have some internally-focused items that improve observability, performance and reliability of our platform and will also improve the readability of product usage data.

Web3 needs your CUBE3 feedback!

The CUBE3 product release has fantastic external facing upgrades and internal data enhancements but we still need community involvement. You are a critical component of making web3 safer. The web3 ecosystem is in a pivotal time and needed now more than ever. We need your feedback to make this product as effective and efficient as possible.

Follow us and join the CUBE3 communities on Telegram, LinkedIn and X to engage and provide your ideas, thoughts and opinions. Get involved and protect your contracts, business and communities with real-time transaction security with CUBE3.AI today.

Stay informed, stay protected.
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