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CUBE3 Partners with PartnerChain

CUBE3.AI is announcing our partnership with PartnerChain! CUBE3 is dedicated to protecting web3 collaborators, so we’re providing a special offer to PartnerChain members on CUBE3 services. Reach out to learn more at [email protected] or visit

PartnerChain’s founder Leonardo Sousa, gave us his perspective on the need for this type of platform, plus other innovations in the industry, from AI to security.

Can you give us a brief overview of what PartnerChain is and its mission within the web3 ecosystem?

PartnerChain helps web3 companies save time looking for strategic partners, with a platform to connect them with other companies that are ready to collaborate, as opposed to LinkedIn or email, where it’s unclear who’s ready to partner up.

Strategic partnerships are crucial for the Go-To-Market strategies of most companies. In fact, 57% of companies engage in strategic partnerships as a way to distribute their products/services and bring innovation into their business.

PartnerChain is set to become the main platform for establishing strategic partnerships, whether that’s referral partnerships, joint ventures, marketing collaborations… you name it! Our goal is to boost the widespread adoption of web3 technologies and, once we achieve this, we plan to expand into other markets.

With AI becoming more accessible to those with computers or smartphones, launching a business is becoming simpler. However, this leads to increased competition in digital and tech industries, driving up the cost of gaining new customers. This makes it tougher for businesses to grow using paid marketing strategies.

In this environment, strategic partnerships are emerging as a crucial way for companies to differentiate themselves. PartnerChain is aiming to lead the way in facilitating these vital collaborations among businesses, beginning with the web3 sector and then branching out to others.

From your perspective, what are the key security challenges and opportunities in web3 today? Why is addressing them crucial for the future of blockchain technology?

In my point of view, the primary security challenges within web3 come from the rapid advancements in AI coupled with the educational lag in understanding and mitigating its risks. A significant portion of security breaches in web3 are attributed to user errors, such as interacting with malicious links. The key challenge here lies in enhancing user safety without needing extensive technological knowledge on their part.

While it’s difficult to pinpoint the single most promising opportunity in web3, the concept of trustless systems stands out for me. Trustless systems offer a way to minimize reliance on human elements, thus reducing risk by leveraging technology. A major barrier for Web3 adoption is the lack of trust in its technology. By addressing these security concerns effectively, we pave the path towards its acceptance and integration into the mainstream.

What motivated PartnerChain to choose CUBE3 as its security partner, and how do you see this collaboration benefiting your community?

At PartnerChain, we prioritize strategic collaboration to foster a strong and innovative ecosystem, emphasizing the importance of choosing partners carefully. We highly value security in Web3, which CUBE3 effectively addresses. Our long-term goal is not only to provide our community with top-tier collaboration tools, but also access to prime opportunities. Providing a special offer to PartnerChain members on CUBE3.AI services is a great start. Sign up for PartnerChain and CUBE3 to get started.




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