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Sarunas Matulevicius

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CUBE3.AI Ongoing Product Release Notes

At CUBE3, we’re constantly upgrading, shipping iterative improvements and securing the platform. This post will be updated with the most recent CUBE3 product release notes.

CUBE3 Product Release Notes: 2.2.0

2.2.0 product release is live in prod 


Improved initial screen and input field of Inspector

  • The UI fits way more examples of attacker contracts from recent hacks
  • Inspection happens immediately after pasting the address into the field without a need for a further ‘Inspect’ click
  • Update address view in Inspector uses the same layout as transaction view, brining in more uniformity across products

Transaction view

  • All addresses in transaction view are now clickable and provide a context menu for choosing between opening the address in the blockchain explorer or Inspector


  • User are now also able to get alerts in raw json format by selecting the ‘Webhook’ alert integration type. All the other alert types (Slack, Telegram) are delivering human readable version of the alert.

CUBE3 Product Release Notes: 2.1.0


  • Improved alerts.
    • Alerts are now not only formatted in a more human-readable format.
    • New data available, such as: category, subcategory, monitored address names, tenant id.

CUBE3 Product Release Notes: 2.0.0

Major upgrades for Monitor, as well as net new product Sonar, were released to production.

Sonar 1.0

Sonar 1.0, a whole new product, exposes every malicious transaction we detected across all supported blockchains.

  • Filter results:
    • Chain, threat status, type of malicious behavior, lost value, victim and attacker address, and date of incident.
  • Powered by both our ML models and heuristic engines, Sonar detects threats across Cyber, Fraud, and Compliance categories. Detecting many types of malicious behavior such as rugpulls, exploits, and many more.
  • Sonar detects incidents across 5 chains currently supported by CUBE3:
    • Ethereum, BNB Chain, Polygon, Arbitrum, and Avalanche.

Monitor 3.0

Monitor is capable of detecting a particular type of attack against your Monitored addresses and sends you an alert immediately, enabling you to take appropriate and timely measures to reduce the amount of damage. You now can identify the type of attack, the attacker, the total amount of funds stolen and where exactly those funds went.

A major update to the Monitor product brings the transaction screening capabilities on the table.

The previous version of the Monitor was mostly based on evaluating the risk profiles of participating addresses (smart contracts and EOAs). The latest version, Monitor 3.0, perform the screening of the transaction itself.

Understanding the risk of the address interacting with you is a crucial security requirement for anyone operating their business on the blockchain. However, our brand-new transaction screening capabilities analyze the transaction itself, which means we can see the end result of any particular transaction.

By assessing both participants and the end results of each transaction, the Monitor product actively filters out low-value alerts and false positives, ensuring you only see high-efficacy notifications and stay focused on what matters.

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