Sarunas Matulevicius

Sarunas Matulevicius

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CUBE3 Product Release v1.7

At CUBE3, we’re constantly upgrading the product and making iterative improvements behind the scenes. While we have some big releases on the way, we wanted to share some recent feature and functionality upgrades that will make you and your business more compliant and secure.

Product Release Summary

We’ve been busy in the blockchain security hive, and here is the recent CUBE3 product release buzz…

We’ve added some handy new contract filtering options, making it easier to find exactly what you’re looking for. Speaking of finding things, we’ve revamped the onboarding flow for a smoother experience. Furthermore, to keep you in the loop, we’ve updated the product status indicators, giving you crystal-clear visibility into what features are enabled in your account.

To help you protect and against adversarial threats, increasing transaction and address visibility is at the core of what we do. That’s why we’ve added Elliptic’s services to support compliance through the flow of on-chain funds. While CUBE3 is primarily focused on smart contracts, Elliptic integration allows us to determine risk scores for EOAs, thus getting a richer view of a whole transaction (and its risk profile). This is just another way we are committing resources to bolstering the best-in-class support for compliance alongside our focus on security and fraud protections.

We know how you like to tinker and test. We’ve got you covered! Our RASP product is open for testing on the Sepolia testnet, no coding required. Conversely, if you want to get technical and dive deeper with some API upgrades, you can now get individual Risk Scores across multiple chains for a specific address.

See these features in action below and let us know what you think! We’re always open to feedback, and your input helps us build the best possible security tools for the web3 world.

DETECT – Monitor Improvements

  • Users are now able to pause a Monitored address.

DETECT – Inspector Improvements

  • Inspector API now has an optional ‘chainid’ parameter, which, if provided, will return a score for a specific chain.

PROTECT – RASP Improvements

  • Streamline integration simplicity: Whether you have a fully integrated RASP or lite version, we now use a single API key.
  • RASP integration is generally available for every customer tenant on our platform.
    • Available networks are limited to Sepolia testnet. If you haven’t reviewed the ways you can test RASP on Sepolia, you can see the tutorial here. Contact us if you would like further integration capabilities.

MANAGE – UX Improvements

  • Users are now able to filter transactions by contract name, score interval, status (safe / warning / unsafe), enforcement (blocked / passed), network and date. Consequently, this is a clear improvement for anyone who tried to locate that one specific transaction in your transactions table!
  • To make user onboarding easier, we now have a demo flow for every tenant on our platform.
  • Updated integration status components now better matches which products users have active.

CUBE3 wants your feedback!

As always, we still need community involvement. Our users are a critical component of making web3 safer. The web3 ecosystem is in a pivotal time and feedback is needed now more than ever. Help us make the next CUBE3 product release effective and efficient as possible.

Every bug reported, every suggestion shared, is a brick added to the wall. Don’t just test-drive the product, tell us what’s missing and what needs to be improved! Consequently, the more you use and critique, the sharper our tools become for you and the web3 community.

So join us to help make web3 safer, stronger, and unstoppable!

Finally, follow us and join the CUBE3 communities on Telegram, LinkedIn and X to engage and provide your ideas, thoughts and opinions. Get involved and protect your contracts, business and communities with real-time transaction security with CUBE3.AI today.

Stay informed, stay protected.
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