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Sarunas Matulevicius

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CUBE3.AI Ongoing Product Release Notes

At CUBE3, we’re constantly upgrading, shipping iterative improvements and securing the platform. This post will be updated with the most recent CUBE3 product release notes.

CUBE3 Product Release Notes: 2.5.0

June 20, 2024

Inspector: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Tron, and Solana Support

We are excited to announce that you can now use Inspector to assess the risk scores of individual addresses on Bitcoin, Litecoin, Tron, and Solana networks. This marks a significant milestone as we expand beyond EVM chains for the first time.

Initially, our capabilities on these networks will focus on EOAs (wallets), providing essential risk assessments by analyzing the source and destination of funds. While smart contracts on Tron and Solana are not yet supported, we are continuously working to enhance our coverage. Currently, these networks are exclusively available on Inspector and not on our other products, allowing you to assess the risk of individual addresses primarily within the Fraud and Compliance categories.

Inspector: Initiate Inspector with a Keyboard Shortcut

For those who inspect addresses daily, we’ve added a convenient time-saver: you can now initiate the Inspector with a simple keyboard shortcut (cmd + /). This feature aims to streamline your workflow and make address inspection even more efficient.

Transaction View: Enhanced Score Explanation for Monitored Transactions

We’ve introduced a new component in the Transaction View that clarifies the influence of our two layers of transaction evaluation on the final score. This enhancement is available for both Inspector and Monitor transactions and significantly improves the explainability of transaction scores.

The two models:

  1. Transaction Risk Assessment Model: Evaluates the outcome of a transaction, assigning high scores when it results in actual financial or other types of damage.
  2. Participant Risk Assessment Model: Calculates the individual risk score for each participant in a transaction. High risk levels for an address may result from factors identified by our machine learning models, involvement in malicious activities, sanctions, or the illicit source or destination of funds.

These improvements continue our mission to enhance the transparency and explainability of our risk assessment processes.

CUBE3 Product Release Notes: 2.4.0

June 11, 2024

This release introduces a major enhancement to the Inspector, designed to improve the explainability and transparency of our risk assessments.

Inspector: Address Type Identification

The Inspector now displays the type of inspected address, identifying it as either an Externally Owned Account (EOA/wallet) or a smart contract. This distinction is crucial for understanding risk assessments, as the same address can exhibit different behaviors and levels of risk depending on the chain and its type.

In some cases, an address may show strong signals of being malicious on one chain while being safe to interact with on another. Rarely, the same address may function as an EOA on one chain and a smart contract on another. Explicitly stating the type of particular address on a specific chain enhances the explainability of the different scores assigned to the same address across various chains.

This new data is also available via the v2 version of our API, with the documentation to be published shortly.

CUBE3 Product Release Notes: 2.3.0

This release introduces significant enhancements across our platform, designed to improve functionality, user experience, and the precision of our threat detection and monitoring services.

Inspector: Related Malicious Transactions

The Inspector now provides deeper insights into addresses involved in security incidents. When inspecting an address linked to an incident, you’ll see references to the specific transactions where the incident occurred, including both attacker and victim addresses. This feature enhances the explainability of the address’s risk score by highlighting the transactions that contributed to it.

Currently, this new component is available only on the Panorama dashboard (and not in API call responses).

Inspector: Per-Chain Scores

We’ve enhanced the Inspector’s scoring system to provide greater precision. Instead of a single combined score, you’ll now see individual scores for each supported blockchain. This allows for a more granular understanding of an address’s risk profile across different networks.

Panorama Dashboard: User Invites

Managing your team’s access to is now easier. You can invite new users directly through the Panorama dashboard’s Users section. While users with your company’s email domain can still access the platform without an invite for now, we’ll soon be transitioning to an invite-only system.

Monitor: Refreshed UI

We’ve given the Monitor a fresh new look to improve your experience. You can now easily see the status of each monitored address, and the controls for managing those addresses (enable/disable, delete) are more streamlined. A new search bar allows you to quickly find specific monitored addresses by either their name or address hash.

We hope these enhancements make your CUBE3 experience even better. We’re always working to improve, so your feedback is invaluable.

CUBE3 Product Release Notes: 2.2.0

2.2.0 product release is live in prod 


Improved initial screen and input field of Inspector

  • The UI fits way more examples of attacker contracts from recent hacks
  • Inspection happens immediately after pasting the address into the field without a need for a further ‘Inspect’ click
  • Update address view in Inspector uses the same layout as transaction view, brining in more uniformity across products

Transaction view

  • All addresses in transaction view are now clickable and provide a context menu for choosing between opening the address in the blockchain explorer or Inspector


  • User are now also able to get alerts in raw json format by selecting the ‘Webhook’ alert integration type. All the other alert types (Slack, Telegram) are delivering human readable version of the alert.

CUBE3 Product Release Notes: 2.1.0


  • Improved alerts.
    • Alerts are now not only formatted in a more human-readable format.
    • New data available, such as: category, subcategory, monitored address names, tenant id.

CUBE3 Product Release Notes: 2.0.0

Major upgrades for Monitor, as well as net new product Sonar, were released to production.

Sonar 1.0

Sonar 1.0, a whole new product, exposes every malicious transaction we detected across all supported blockchains.

  • Filter results:
    • Chain, threat status, type of malicious behavior, lost value, victim and attacker address, and date of incident.
  • Powered by both our ML models and heuristic engines, Sonar detects threats across Cyber, Fraud, and Compliance categories. Detecting many types of malicious behavior such as rugpulls, exploits, and many more.
  • Sonar detects incidents across 5 chains currently supported by CUBE3:
    • Ethereum, BNB Chain, Polygon, Arbitrum, and Avalanche.

Monitor 3.0

Monitor is capable of detecting a particular type of attack against your Monitored addresses and sends you an alert immediately, enabling you to take appropriate and timely measures to reduce the amount of damage. You now can identify the type of attack, the attacker, the total amount of funds stolen and where exactly those funds went.

A major update to the Monitor product brings the transaction screening capabilities on the table.

The previous version of the Monitor was mostly based on evaluating the risk profiles of participating addresses (smart contracts and EOAs). The latest version, Monitor 3.0, perform the screening of the transaction itself.

Understanding the risk of the address interacting with you is a crucial security requirement for anyone operating their business on the blockchain. However, our brand-new transaction screening capabilities analyze the transaction itself, which means we can see the end result of any particular transaction.

By assessing both participants and the end results of each transaction, the Monitor product actively filters out low-value alerts and false positives, ensuring you only see high-efficacy notifications and stay focused on what matters.

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