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ETH Denver Trends and Takeaways with Slay, Salty and Aaron


If you were at ETH Denver 2024, you know it was the best year yet and the CUBE3 team is already following up with you. If you weren’t at ETH Denver, let’s get you acquainted with our team and their takeaways from the event…

Salty, Slay, and Aaron combine to provide a massive amount of expertise in cybersecurity and web3 insights. Their talent and attention to your company’s security needs will help fortify your projects and the web3 ecosystem. Team founders Einaras, Chris and our Head of Partnerships Vini, were also in attendance so be sure to connect with them if you haven’t yet!

In this post, we highlight the team’s observations of ETH Denver, their journey into web3 and their thoughts on where the industry is headed.

Let’s jump in…

ETH Denver 2024 Takeaways

Let’s start with Slay, since he kicked things off with a superb talk for the ETH Denver 2024 crowd.

If you haven’t seen it yet, watch Heist Movies and the Evolving Layers of Web3 Security:

Slay, combining heist movies and CUBE3’s Runtime Application Self-Protection (RASP) was a super creative way to explain how real-time security fits into the web3 security landscape. What was the biggest security topic for you at ETH Denver this year?


“Everyone recognizes web3 security is a HUGE opportunity. In simple terms, today, there’s Preparation, Detection and Response. The obvious question this has prompted is ‘What about automation?’ Why are there no solutions for automating ‘action?’ When you speak with hundreds of people at ETH Denver in a short amount of time, you gain a valuable feedback loop. The non-obvious answer to the above question: the data, the threat intelligence isn’t good enough. And when action is automated, the consequences are for being wrong are extremely high.

Combining the transparency of full blockchain transaction history with a runtime blocking (automation) capabilities is a breakthrough CUBE3 provides that gives me a great deal of enjoyment when people understand CUBE3 makes this possible.”

Salty, what were some specific security insights that you noticed from ETH Denver 2024?


“It’s clear that after all the exploits over the past years, the web3 community understands audits are not the only security solution for contracts. Smart contracts require real-time defense post-deployment. I heard a lot about how more teams were using Monitoring solutions (which CUBE3 provides) but most people don’t know real-time threat blocking is possible. That innovation is what drew me to CUBE3.

With those I spoke with, the biggest thing standing in the way of widespread adoption of web3 technology is the constant negative news of hacks, scams, and other illicit activity. Being a part of the team at CUBE3 allows me to be a part of the solution to that problem, and drive a meaningful change in the future of our industry. CUBE3 is unique and can make an impact, especially for those that are preparing for the new compliance and regulations rolling out starting in 2024.”

Aaron, you have been integral in supporting the team and client follow-up during and after ETH Denver. Coming from a web3 compliance background, what convinced you CUBE3 was the right solution?


“In 2021, I joined a blockchain analytics and compliance firm, where we assisted companies in tracking stolen funds after a crypto hack. During my time there, while presenting our investigation capabilities to clients, I always pondered on ways to prevent such hacks from occurring in the first place.

However, given the immutability nature of web3 transactions, I saw this as a challenging feat. Nevertheless, I realized that detecting and preventing a hack in real-time is crucial in legitimizing the web3 space, in addition to tracking and tracing funds post-hack. After discussing with Einaras and the team, I felt confident that CUBE3 was the perfect place for me to continue my journey!”

How do you see the blockchain industry in the future?


“At the conference, there was a lot of buzz about the tokenization of Real World Assets (RWA) and Decentralized Physical Infrastructure (DePin) storage and compute solutions. I believe in the future, blockchain will be everywhere; property ownership, remittances, data storage, decentralized computing. The applications are endless.

I believe that blockchain networks will lead to a shift of control back to the people instead of corporations. ETH Denver attendees actively discussed the requirements for rebalancing the current dynamic: enabling individuals to monetize their data, safeguard individual privacy, and becoming your own bank. It will be very interesting to see how everything plays out, but I am confident the ability to transact anywhere, faster, cheaper and more efficiently will lead to a better world for us all.”


“I believe that the blockchains will soon become a mainstream technology used in various sectors, including big banks and major retailers such as Amazon, Apple, and Wal-Mart. Moreover, I predict that cryptocurrency will be used as a tender alongside the dollar and euro for day-to-day transactions within the next 5-7 years.

In the future, we will continue to witness a shift toward tokenizing physical assets like homes, cars, and boats as it makes it easier to process large transactions peer-to-peer. Finally, as the industry continues to evolve, we will see blockchain experiences with Web2 UI’s, which will contribute to greater user adoption.”


“It will be the fabric for how value is exchanged digitally. The internet will decentralize and deliver control and value back to users based on merit. Data storage and compute will multiply, enabling advancements in technology and AI. We’ll experience increased freedom in the future of finance. Currency stabilizes. We’ll start with privacy instead of hoping for it’s security. And much more, in ways we haven’t yet thought of. It’s an exciting future.

Oh, and it will be secure, faster, cheaper and a seamless experience for all.”


We hope you got some valuable insights and highlights from the ETH Denver 2024 by the CUBE3 team. Aaron, Slay, and Salty are dedicated to joining you on the web3 journey. Their expertise in the blockchain industry will help you tailor the right CUBE3 tools for your project.

Thanks for choosing CUBE3 to build, grow and learn together in order to make this industry safe, secure and more useful for the world.

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