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Defending DeFi with Real-Time Web3 Security

As DeFi gains traction, it attracts malicious hackers and increased scrutiny from regulators. The dream of DeFi protocols is about securing customers and their funds from cyberattacks, fraud, and compliance risks. In 2022, we saw the highest amounts of thefts, fraud, and exploits with billions more stolen in 2023. Crypto-linked violations reached $2.8 billion in SEC fines, last year alone. DeFi has a big problem, malicious hackers make a fortune stealing from you, and compliance regulators are justifiably taking action. Neither will stop, because the bigger DeFi gets, the bigger their incentives and motivation are to act.

Good news is that there are solutions. The right DeFi web3 security strategy is multi-layered. CUBE3 provides several of those layers, from timely detection of threats, to blocking exploits before they exploit you. CUBE3’s team is determined to continue the security momentum in 2024 and protect your assets. Our ML models scan every historical and real-time transaction across five chains; Ethereum, Polygon, Arbitrum, Avalanche and BNB. We identify potential threats before they cause damage.

In this post, we outline how real-time transaction security can help protect high-value TVL, shield against smart contract exploits, combat DeFi scams, optimize security operations, and build trust and transparency.

How Can Real-time Security Protect DeFi?

Protect High-Value TVL

  • Secure millions (or billions) worth of crypto assets by stopping malicious transactions before they drain your liquidity pools.

Shield Against Smart Contract Exploits

  • Detect and block vulnerabilities in your code, preventing attackers from manipulating contract logic and stealing funds.

Combat DeFi Scams and Fraud

Optimize Security Operations

  • Layer your security posture that enables more dynamic threat detection and prevention. CUBE3 can can help reduce reliance on manual and static security audits and reactive solutions.

Build Trust and Transparency

  • Enhance user confidence in your platform by demonstrating a commitment to proactive security and responsible governance.

Why CUBE3 for DeFi Web3 Security?

Continuous Threat Detection

  • CUBE3’s AI models scan every transaction in real-time, identifying potential exploits, scams, and vulnerabilities before they can cause damage. No need to pause contracts or disrupt operations.

Proactive Threat Prevention

  • CUBE3’s RASP SDK and API integrate seamlessly with your DeFi platform, automatically rejecting risky transactions at the contract level. No more relying on manual intervention or delayed responses.

Preemptive Risk Assessment

  • CUBE3’s dynamic Risk Score system assigns a risk number (1 to 100) to every transaction based on threats in three categories: cybersecurity, fraud, and compliance risk. Real-time alerts give you instant insight into potential dangers and providing a clear basis for action.

Enhanced Visibility and Control

  • Gain deep insights into your DeFi platform’s security posture with detailed reports, comprehensive analytics, and transaction logs. Proactively monitor contract and EOA activity and identify emerging threats.

Compliance Confidence

  • Stay ahead of evolving global regulations and industry standards with CUBE3’s built-in compliance checks and reporting tools. Ensure security aligns with ethical and legal obligations.

What’s Next?

With CUBE3, you can secure the DeFi ecosystem and unlock the full potential of web3 innovation without compromising performance or user experience.

Don’t wait for a devastating attack – take control of your DeFi web3 security today and sign up with CUBE3.

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